Milena Patagônia MP EP


All songs written and co-produced by Milena Patagônia.

Production, mix, master by Markus Mezenen, Darksome Productions

Production, mix, master by Stefan Schischkanov

'Waud' backing vocals and percussion: Stefan Schischkanov & Christine Hasler

'Abgrnd' additional guitars: Oliver Salzmann

Cover art: 
Ivo Bernegger

MP EP Trailer
Directors: Milena Patagônia, Ivo Bernegger
Cinematographer: John Ruetti
Editor: Ivo Bernegger
Colorist: John Ruetti
Costume ideas ‘Wrkzg’ scenes: Anne-Sophie Raemy 
Make-Up ‘Waud’ scene: Rehana Borges
Production: Large Scale

Thanks to Messy Cabaret Bar Club Bern